Lincs PVC offers a door repair, window repair and glass replacement service. We can replace broken locks on your windows or doors to keep your house secure and also repair double glazed units to replace you broken seals, broken windows or opening mechanisms. A damaged lock or broken window reduces the security of your home and devalues it. Double glazing repairs can usually be done the same day, cost effectively.

We offer a full call out service for emergencies so call us today.

We offer a huge range of glass


  • Georgian bar glass – Georgian bar windows offer versatile double glazing, perfect for older properties or any home that likes to have a distinctive look. The authentic designs utilise end milling for a seamless appearance as well as bars that complement the window frames. Our replacement glass will look as though they are part of the original window framework, matching the existing patterns and mimicking authentic Georgian houses. Cost effective and aesthetically accurate.
  • Square and Diamond lead – Square and Diamond lead give your windows and doors a traditional look and feel. This type of glass is designed to look like real stained glass and can be made up with colours if preferred. It’s just one pane of glass to the outside of the unit but still maintains the English heritage, that look and feel you associate with older properties. Our replacements will not only make your home more secure, but when replacing colour, the new glass will be much more vivid.
  • Bespoke lead patterns – Similar to square and diamond lead we can repair lead glass, but this isn’t restricted to just square and diamond shapes. We can also replace bespoke lead patterns, which could consist of any shaped, coloured image within your glass window. glass-replacement-2Bespoke patterns in glass often consist of floral designs, circular or even scenic and we can effectively repair them all, to perfectly match the size and design. Once repaired, the colours will likely be brighter than they were previously.
  • Stained glass – Panels of stained glass and leaded lights eventually fade but they can usually be replaced or restored, almost to their original condition. Pieces of painted glass (birds, scrolls or other decoration) that are badly broken or lost can be copied and inserted into the original window. If a lot of glass has been broken, then it may be necessary to replace the whole panel, not just the damaged section.
  • Beveled glass – Beveled glass edges are cut to specific angles and sizes to produce an elegant, framed look. As a result the large middle is thicker glass and the edges are thinner and smoother. This attractive effect is growing in ever popularity. We can replace your old beveled glass. If your decorative panels have become loose, draughty or damaged, we can replace them with new double glazed beveled units.
  • Toughened safety glass – Toughened glass is a type of glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. It often remains in its frame when it breaks. Because of its safety and strength, toughened glass is used in a variety of demanding applications. You will often find it in vehicle windows, shower doors, telephone boxes and tables. Replacements are a straight forward cost effective job of simply replacing the toughened glass.
  • Patterned glass – Patterned glass is often referred to as textured or etched glass. The various designs, classic and contemporary are stylish, allow more light into internal rooms and create privacy whilst forming an attractive feature. We have a large variety of patterned glass for replacement and can match any existing patterned glass window.
  • Satin Glass – Satin glass can be used for decorative items but also used to provide privacy where the full transparency of glass is undesirable. It is typically tinted with a pastel color, blue being one of the most common and doesn’t compromise on light levels. Friction from repeated ordinary handling will eventually add glossy spots to the finish. Lincs PVC can replace satin glass panels to fit the existing frame exactly.

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