Anti Snap Lock GrimsbyAt Lincs PVC we install anti snap locks if requested on our doors, we also offer a retro-fitting service to replace the cheaper euro cylinder locks that are insecure.

The majority of PVC doors on the market today have impressive locking bolts and strong hinges, but all this strength is made inherently weak by poor quality euro cylinder locks that can often be bypassed in under a minute by a technique known as “Lock Snapping”.

Professionals in the PVC and the lock industry have known this for years, but now the criminals are informed and equipped with the necessary tools (often just a wrench and a hammer) to enter your home.

To see how much of a problem lock snapping is, simply search Google or YouTube for “Lock Snapping”

Lincs PVC stock the anti-snap locks required to keep your home safe and secure throughout the year. Anti-snap door locks are built in 2 sections to prevent forced entry. If a burglar manages to break off the front part of the locking mechanism, the middle section will act as an unpickable barrier, meaning the door will still remain locked and you will not require a locksmith. One benefit here is that you will still be able to use and lock the door due to the middle section still functioning.

We stock a range of highly secure locks that are designed to defend against snapping and picking attempts. To arrange fitting please call us on: 01472 811 853