Lincs PVC, based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire offer a professional UPVC window repair service and door repairs. We can repair hinge problems, replace locks, locking mechanisms, door handles, window sills… any part of your window or doors in fact. Our fully trained window technicians will fit your new parts on-site and make sure your windows are secure and fully functioning.

Our UPVC repair services include:


  • General repairs – Lincs PVC offer a fast and effective general repair service. We carry out all repairs in a professional manner and cover all types of commercial and domestic window and door repairs. If it can be repaired, we will fix it for you. For broken windows and double glazing repairs, please see the Glass Replacement section of our website.
  • Security upgrades – With high rates of burglaries and attempted break-ins, make sure your home is secure by improving your levels of security on accessible windows and entry doors. Lincs PVC offer a security upgrade service where we will ensure your windows and doors are fully optimised to protect your property from invaders and unwanted visitors. We assess locking mechanisms, handles and sills in order to most effectively identify where your security can be improved.
  • Lock changes – We supply and fit replacement door and window locks and a range of anti-snap locks to protect homes from lock snapping practices. Your security is important and the effectiveness of your locks are one of the most important factors in determining a burglar’s success on entering your home. Our trained technicians will fit onsite and make sure your locks are secure, capable and fully functioning.
  • Misted units – Our service covers the replacement of misted units. If the glass
    inside your double or triple glazing has become misted, this means your existing sealed unit has
    failed. We can replace all types of window unit that have become misted even leaded windowwindow-security
    patterns, matching the design and carrying out the replacement. We make sure that we prevent future condensation inside your newly replaced sealed unit.
  • Draughty windows – Our trained technicians can help identify where the draughts in your windows are coming from before beginning any physical work. These repairs are often quick and easy without incurring too much cost to the homeowner and will have an instant impact on your heating bills. There are multiple reasons why draughts might be occurring and they are usually a long term problem. Our experts can make a range of repairs but in the long, consider purchasing replacement windows, expertly fitted by Lincs PVC.
  • Door realignment – Having your UPVC door realigned will ensure that it continues to function smoothly. Our fully trained technicians will align your door and locking mechanism back to the frame and keeps, allowing your door to open and close smoothly again along with easy, successful locking of the door. We have the experts needed to solve most door problems. If your door refuses to open or close effectively, get in touch today.